KompoZer vs. Bluegriffon

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KompoZer vs. Bluegriffon

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I liked KompoZer. It did what we wanted it to do, but I'm having trouble installing it on Windows 10. With BlueGriffin, I don't have a clue on how to edit the image dimensions. There doesn't seem to be a tab on it for dimensions like they had in KompoZer. Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve HTML or CSS, because we don't know how to code at all. We mostly use the WYSIWYG features. I'd use KompoZer if I could. We have BlueGriffon, but I couldn't find how to adjust the size or edit the image size at all in the image properties.

Is there any way I could do this? Not to mention how to set the width with new pages. Or should I just go with SeaMonkey or what are the recommendations.

Missing KomPozer :(

Rick and Katherine Logan
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Re: KompoZer vs. Bluegriffon

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Again I'm not real familiar with BlueGriffon but just downloaded the latest I found -- ver 3.0.1.

I opened an HTML with an image and you are right -- no properties edit capabilities. If you switch to the "Source" view by the button on the bottom and locate the image you want to alter (click the image you want to edit & it actually hilights the line you want to edit) -- the code will have a height and width value in px. Tweak those values until you get your desired results -- in a backup copy, of course :)

By the way I have used and loaded KompoZer 0.7b4 and 0.8.b3 on Windows 10 for years without issue.
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