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Hello all, is there any user manual of about:config options?
I'm trying to change the default "mozilla.pdf" when saving a web page to PDF. I add two new options: "print.printer_Mozilla_Save_to_PDF.print_to_file" --> "~/Work/file.pdf" and "print.printer_Mozilla_Save_to_PDF.print_to_filename" --> "~/Work/file.pdf" and restart firefox but they are NOT working. Could anyone give me a help please? thank you, Otavio
PS: The about:config editor apparently suggests that the creation of new entries are possible, but surely they should be implemented in the firefox code...


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As jscher2000 indicates it is only "fairly complete" and without explanation but might help.
Once you know the name you can likely find the acceptable setting somewhere on the web.

You can enter about:about and obtain the category settings.

Start here:
and look here: ... nit/all.js

This is an old listing but some are deprecated, removed and others may not be current.
I have not seen and not aware of a current listing but post if you find one.

You will need to cut and paste this link due to the colon.
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It seems updated documentation about about:config entries was searched before... :-) Thank you, Bruce

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