Better Memory Management in the latest builds

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Better Memory Management in the latest builds

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Since the March 21 Build by Bill(tm) - where the Windows 64-bit exe size went to 39.3 MB from the previous long-time 39.{1,2} MB - the working set is managed much better than before. :)

To be a little more specific, starting with the March 21 64-bit build, and my relatively fixed set of 160 tabs, when I open some set of additional pages and then close them, SeaMonkey is much more likely to come back to a memory usage that is close to what it started out as - and remain fairly stable (in terms of memory usage) for the rest of the day.

This started with the March 21 build, and is best exemplified by the March 29 build.

Whatever got changed / removed, I hope things stay this way! 8-)
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